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Back on track after my trip to the city of aspiring designers and the cradle of Scandinavian design - Copenhagen. And what a trip it was! Swinging by the Finders Keepers fair definitely set fire to my designer within, meeting and greeting the up-and-coming designers - some fascinating existing acquaintances and some amazing new ones! So I will be serving up a smorgasbord of Danish designers in the time coming here on the Scandinavialist, but first.. Let's stop by Sweden.

Because in Sweden there is a young group of designers that kinda stand out from the crowd.. Having been listed as one of the world's 50 most influential designers by Fast Company in 2012 and with a list of awards I cannot even start to recite, they are the new generation of designers fronting the new era of Scandinavian design somewhat 50 years after the grand heydays - Meet the inventive and intriguing team behind design studio 'FORM US WITH LOVE' and get to know a little bit more about what goes on in their studio in Stockholm: 

1 // Who are the team behind Form Us With Love and what is the most interesting thing to know about you?

We are currently 8 people in the studio. A mix of Swedish, German, Korean and American and we believe that the different backgrounds and nationalities is an asset in our design work.

2 // How did it all start and how has your journey been up until now?

We have had the same view on design ever since we started collaborating at university and then we just continued afterwards, in a professional sense. The journey so far has been a joyride!

3 // Where did the name 'Form Us With Love' come from?

It started with a mis-spelled postcard.. 

4 // What's your source of inspiration?

We are inspired by behaviours, materials, production techniques and also by companies that have a story/material longing to be told or improved.

5 // From start to finish, how does new ideas emerge and how is the process from initial idea to finished design?

We always start off in the genes of the client/company. The initial phase, where we gain understanding about production, company brand, user and market is crucial for the following creative concept phase. We often sit down and sketch in a group and we share and build on each others ideas, no prestige.

When the concept is set we go into something we call 'create'; In this phase we define all the details, materials and colours. The outcome is a package of renderings, drawings etc that the client can use as a starting point for the development. We are eager to follow the development process to really make sure the final result is at its best, and also to act as support for the clients development team.

6 // How do you delegate the work within the studio? Do you each have your own field expertise or do you mix it up?

We are often three people working in a team on each project. Within those project teams the work is divided. We are all designers but some areas of expertise has naturally been developed. We always do internal presentation that works as a filter in the design process.

7 // Can you describe FUWL's style in a few words?

Rational, smart, idea based and holistic.

8 // What is your biggest asset/talent that makes you stand out from other Scandinavian Design Studios?

The fact that we are 8 people in the studio stands out like something unusual in the general design scene. We are sceptical to the old fashioned view of the designer as an alone genius. We believe in team work and that the magic happens when various competences are working together.

9 // You already have a long list of impressive collaborations with some of the biggest names in Scandinavia, but what is your biggest achievement yet? 

We are still curious and have the feeling that “most stuff is undone”..

10 // Do you have a dream project?

We've already started to explore new product areas, moving slightly away from the classical furniture industry and we are very excited about all the new possibilities relating to this and hope to continue that journey.

11 // What advice would you give to a young aspiring designer?

To gain work experience is crucial. Take all chances you can get to learn from people in the business, through internships, workshops and seminars.

12 // And lastly, where do you want to be 10 years from now?

We would like to have the same feeling as in question no 10, only explored a lot more!

For abundance of innovation & inspiration from Form Us with Love, go to: | www.facebookcom/formuswithlove |

A special thanks to Caroline for sharing the story of FUWL

Images courtesy of: Form Us With Love