Lines. I've always had a thing for lines. There is something purist in a black line on a white piece of paper that triggers my enthusiastic minimalist within. Combine that with being an architect and you have a proper line-lunatic.. So naturally, when stumbling-upon the creative duo behind Gothenburg-based studio STUDIO ESINAM, it completely stopped me in my tracks! 

Consisting of two brilliant minded creatives; Art Director Josefine Lilljegren and Architect Sebastian Gokah, STUDIO ESINAM has put architecture to the forefront of the graphic art scene by depicting some of our most imposing capitals through meticulously detailed architectural drawings, whilst at the same time taking a so-called dry technical drawing and turning it into a true work of art:

For me there is something utterly romantic about how STUDIO ESINAM translates architecture into a purist depiction of reality. Not only do they deeply satisfy my minimalist architect ego, but they have also revamped the old-school methods of an Architect - Resulting in a collection of urban architectural storytelling capturing the essence of some of the mightiest cities across the globe:

In the format of the architectural drawing, Josefin and Sebastian manage to unveil otherwise undiscovered details about some of the world's most grandiose built structures and it is truly admirable to see how much passion and precision they put into their work and the story they tell:

"We portray architecture with the ambition to convey its qualities to an audience with a genuine interest for interior and exterior spaces. Whether the unique feeling of a city, the texture of a façade or the balance of an interior space, our aim is to explore and communicate the deeper qualities of architecture by looking at it from new angles and presenting it in fresh and engaging ways.

To us, architecture is so much more than just visual, it’s the smell of the bakery shop on the corner, the feeling of a handle when entering a building, the sound of cars or birds forming the back drop of a scene. It’s the memories and emotions that a place can preserve for decades and bring to life in a second, the calming experience of your grand parents old cabin or the rush hour in a metropolis. 

By covering aspects that may otherwise pass unnoticed we hope to let people discover new details and ways to appreciate architecture, deepening the experience of the places and spaces we already love as well as finding new ones to explore".

All their artwork are limited editions numbered 1 to 1000 and includes the two collections 'Elevations' and 'Landmarks', presenting the cities London(yay), Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Berlin and Copenhagen with more cities to be added to the collection in the time coming, so line up to get one! 

For more inspirational lines go to:

www.studioesinam.com | www.facbook.com/studio-esinam | www.instagram.com/studio_esinam

All images courtesy of: studio esinam