I must admit, I'm a sucker for a bit of everyday luxury.. Keeping up with a high-paced city like London you're in need of some personal TLC every now and then in order to escape the crowds and metal clutter you often encounter. Growing up, living in a coastal city in the south-east of Norway with the open sea in front of you and the green dense forests on your doorstep, you almost take what nature offers you for granted, just because it is right there all the time. After almost 3 years in London though, I definitely do not take it for granted any more! 

Scandinavian way of life is very admirable in that sense, as I am reminded by most people when they ask where my odd-sounding english accent originates from. Despite the often harsh weather and unheard of temperatures, we embrace our natural surroundings both for the recreational purposes and our healthy lifestyle. 

And it's this extreme yet extremely beautiful nature that was the source of inspiration to whom I am presenting to you today; Meet Monica Kylén and her oh-so-trending company L:A BRUKET. 

Curiously enough her success story all started out with a soap dish(!) as Monica, a Swedish Ceramist, one day found herself looking for a specific, organic and beautiful soap to suit her newly crafted soap dish. Problem was though, it was nowhere to be found.. And so Monica, not being short of ambition, just made one of her own. And just like that the seed of what only a few years later has grown into a cult brand with sworn followers across the globe, was planted.   

Despite the blazing success they have achieved, their products are still mixed by hand in their little factory in Varberg on the West coast of Sweden. Being one of Sweden's best known spa-towns, Varberg has been a spot for well-being for over 200 years, much thanks to the benefits of the salty sea and rich amounts of seaweed. With that as their heritage and which they highly promote, L:A BRUKET bases a lot of their products on the old thermal spa traditions, yet with a modern twist to it. 

From sea and land, natural, raw and organic ingredients are sourced both locally and from a far, with the main focus of being as environmental friendly as ever possible. Scent wise, since the most important aspect is the benefits offered by the ingredients, their products have an aroma of spices and herbs which also makes them brilliantly unisex. 

The all-natural-no-nasties content is not the only reason for their success though. Their signature brown bottles and typewriter labeled packaging can also take much of the credit of having made them into an 'Objet de Culte', cherished and chosen by the design-conscious crowds across the globe. Again, there was a natural and functional reason for the choice of packaging since the amber coloured bottles protects the delicate essential oils from light, so when it all comes down to it; nature, you know best!

L:A BRUKET's current range includes, skincare, soaps in all variations including home care, spa products, lotions and scrubs, some amazing scented candles and even a range of shaving products for men.

It might have started out with only one little soap, but with so much passion for our environment and a never-ending eagerness to make a difference, these Swedes will without a doubt continue their success story whilst sharing nature's goodness with us! 

For the full range of natural goodness check out: 

www.labruket.se | www.instagram.com/labruket | www.facebook.com/labruket

Images courtesy of L:A BRUKET