Unsurprisingly, I got something monochrome for you today. Frankly, when I laid my eyes on this gem of a furniture piece my black and white obsession escalated to a level beyond comprehension. Let me elaborate further.. 

This work of art is a product of 3 factors; One being the Pelican chair by one of the most famous Danish mid-century designers Finn Juhl, two being the artwork of one of Denmarks most renowned artists from the same era, Asger Jorn and three being passionate souls bringing the work of these two artists together - And the result? A revamped Pelican chair to celebrate it's 75th anniversary, all thanks to the collaboration between OneCollection and DOMICILECULTURE.

Referred to as the 'ugly duckling' or the 'tired walrus' Finn Juhl's design was not very well received when first introduced back in the 1940. It didn't look like anything people had ever seen before and the critics were harsh, leaving the chair to be completely forgotten about until 15 years ago when it was re-launched by OneCollection in Denmark and has since then become one of their most successful and iconic Finn Juhl designs. 

The special ARTWORK EDITON comes in an upholstery adorned with patterns based on the artistic sketches by Asger Jorn, which has been beautifully translated onto fabric by the London based design studio DOMICILECULTURE. Having drawn inspiration from Scandinavian furniture design and art for more than 20 years, creative director Daniel Schou saw a unique opportunity to unite the work of these two Danish pioneers after he received the rights to produce textiles with Asger Jorn's designs and the end product is something out of the ordinary - A piece of art within art where the different artistic disciplines from the same era merge together, highlighting each others organic forms beautifully expressed in a monochrome matrimony.

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Images courtesy of OneCollection