What most of you might be familiar with by now, is my obsessiveness with minimalism. The less clutter, ehem.. unnecessary details a design has, the more it appeals to me. So imagine my face when I accidentally stumbled-upon this Danish talent during the Finders Keepers Fair in Copenhagen this spring - Meet Kristian Lindhardt Nørhave, the minimalist master behind Copenhagen based design studio K.N.Studio.

With an MA in Industrial Design from the School of Design in Kolding in Denmark, Kristian has been involved with names such as PRM Design in Milan and Søren Rose Studio in Copenhagen before he ventured out and started his own design studio in 2012. 

With such great passion for simplicity, K. N. Studio creates objects that reaches the maximum level of minimalism, which results in designs that isn't necessarily fixed for one single use, but offers an array of possibilities and functions. 

The newest addition to the steadily growing collection is KL71s - a series of sculptural candleholders. Each candleholder consists of a folded sheet of perforated metal and a solid oak holder that fits both a tea light candle and a chandelier candle. Beautiful on its own, but even more interesting when combined as a sculpture.

As us Scandinavians tend to have a particular fondness towards candlelight, naturally I found these rather mesmerising. The way they cast patterned shadows on the background and how the perforations alter when overlapped adds a bit of complexity to the simplicity.

Having recently been selected as 'BEST NEW ITEM' at the Northmodern Fair in Copenhagen, the KL71s are off to a good start and have placed Kristian and K.N. Studio on the map.

Another favourite of mine is the KL10s acrylic holders. With such a minimal visual aspect, they can be used for anything your imagination allows for. I might just need one for my Cereal magazines..

To follow the minimal world of K. N. Studio go to: | |

Images courtesy of Kristian Norhave