Happy New Year everyone! It's been a bit quiet here for a while whilst London life has been accelerating beyond the speed limit, luckily followed by a couples of weeks of peace, calm and family time back in Norway. But now it's time to start this new year of ours - 2016, the year I will turn 30 (iiik!) and the year I like to think of as; 'the-embrace-every-opportunity-that-comes-your-way-year'. So welcome 2016, let's start fresh!

I believe it's not very surprising that I kick it all off with something monochrome, it would be a shame not to no? I cannot really get to the bottom of what is so allconsuming about the black & white universe, other than that I experience an immense visual satisfaction followed by a thrilling feeling literally sending shivers down my spine whenever I lay my eyes on something monochrome. And this time around it was no different.

Let me introduce you to a rather interesting duo that engages in a rather vide selection of work - ATELIER CPH. Established by Sara Ingemann and Mandy Rep in 2012, the multidisciplinary creative studio based in Copenhagen has since worked with a number of well-know brands and companies offering expert advise within the field of branding and trend forecasting. As part of their ever expanding portfolio, they have now moved into the field of art print and recently launched their second collection of prints ' The Art of Fabric'. 

In a series of 6 different motifs, Atelier Cph has explored the nature of fabrics, translating the different textures into digital artwork. Cut and hand painted, various pieces of fabric has been combined into compositions of geometric patterns and then captured by the Danish photographer Jonas Danholt. The result is a collection of minimal art prints where the blown-up textures of the threads and weaves introduces an interesting tactility and three-dimensional visual effect. 

The different motifs are simple yet offers intricate details through overlapping of the bits of fabric and with the paint enhancing their texture. The posters come in two different sizes; A3 and 50x70cm and can be purchased directly via Atelier Cph at or at their Instagram Shop and also in the Copenhagen based shop

For more information about ATELIER CPH go to: | |

Images courtesy of Atelier Cph