Boy do I have a good one for you today(!) as you can see from the header image; clean, minimal and functional, this is Scandinavian design at its very best! So please whilst you hold your horses, let me proudly present to you this fine fellow Norwegian; Lars Beller Fjetland, designer and founder of BELLER DESIGN

Ever since his toddler years, Lars has had a deep fascination for the interconnection between function and nature's finest materials, much due to growing up on the west coast of Norway where nature practically grows right there on you door step.. Having explored a few different career routes, Lars found himself increasingly drawn to design as he started collecting and restoring second hand designer pieces, which lead him on to leaving business school to pursue his passion at The National Academy of the Arts in Bergen (and are we glad he did!)

The fact that he established his self-entitled design office Beller Design in 2011, whilst still a student, and on top of that got his big break through at the annual Salone del Mobile in Milan that very same year(!) is proof enough of for us: He has found his true calling in life!

The backbone of Beller Design is based upon the philosophy of:  'Designing products that achieve a sense of both timelessness and longevity through an immediate, honest functionalism in form and aesthetic. Sustainable yet sophisticated solutions for a smarter tomorrow.'

Lars's dedication to natural materials and their inherent qualities leads him on an infinite journey exploring form and function, which manifests itself in his designs. Be it furniture, lighting or little wooden birdies, Lars always stays true to his ethos. The sustainable aspect of his works makes his design even more noteworthy. Take his adorable little wooden figurines in the form of birds - 'Re-Turned', as the name itself emphasizes, these little perfectly sculpted pieces are indeed made up of recycled waste from other wood productions. Pieces of precious wood that in most cases would be perceived as useless, gains new life as they are assembled into characteristic, chubby little objects that are totally lovable. Can you resist this little fella?

Or what about this one..?

I can't! And I would go as far as saying that these 'objet des culte' will indeed evolve into classic designer pieces, right up there with Kaj Bojesens much loved mid-century wooden animals. 

There is much more to this brilliant Scandinavian than decorative birds though and since I am a blazing Beller-fan, I will give you a little teaser here on The Scandinavialist: 

Image courtesy of  Magne Sandnes

Image courtesy of Magne Sandnes

The 'Cloche' Lamp - which is pretty much genius perfection in my eyes. Made up of only 3 pieces; cast-iron base, ash wood stem and a brass shade, the shape and material gain from each other, each part lending its strengths to the other to create a beautifully balanced whole. 

Image courtesy of   Magne Sandnes

Image courtesy of Magne Sandnes

'Solid' Coffee Table - Made out of solid marble and Nordic elm, the table echoes both Japanese and Scandinavian influences. Without the use of glue, bolts and screws, this is a masterpiece constructed on a traditional interlocking-system - a honest, solid piece of furniture, just in line with Mr. Beller's philosophy. The table is produced and distributed worldwide by Normann Copenhagen

As I have now most certainly triggered your Scandinavian design obsession, head on over to BELLER DESIGN to admire the rest of Lars's spine-tingling works, satisfaction guaranteed ;-)

Image courtesy of   Magne Sandnes

Image courtesy of Magne Sandnes

A special thanks to the brilliant Lars Beller Fjetland for sharing his story and products with us, we will be watching you!