Everyday life inspires us all, from the days with glorious blue skies to the more dreadful grey and rainy days, inspiration can emerge from anything at any time. As for Swedish designer Johanna Landin, it was on one of those rainy days that inspiration literally fell from the sky; As she observed how rain drops created beautiful random patterns on the dry pavement in front of her, Johanna got an epiphany(!) and with rain as her protagonist, her first collection was finally launched in October this year and MYR STUDIO was a fact.

A few months back Johanna, who is initially an architect, ventured off to pursue a long-time passion of hers; designing and manufacturing leather handbags. The interest emerged when she discovered the lack of Swedish produced handbags, especially in ecological leather.. So what did this clever Scandinavian do then? She took some classes, bought a leather sewing machine and started sewing! And the result? A delicate, simplistic design carefully assembled by ecological vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery in Sweden, sewn by hand in Johanna's little workshop in Stockholm. 

Drizzle by  MYR

Drizzle by MYR

Pouring by  MYR

Pouring by MYR

Snowrain by  MYR

Snowrain by MYR

The Rain Collection consists of 4 different patterns, representing different types of rain: Drip, Drizzle, Pouring and Snowrain (the last one being very familiar to Scandinavians..) Each and every bag is made to order, sewn by Johanna herself, then hand painted in your favorite(!) rain.

This is truly a great execution of good old, traditional handicraft translated into something contemporary with a fetching twist. I am indeed very inspired!

For a further peak into Johanna's inspirational everyday, hurry over to MYR STUDIO. And also, do follow this up-an-coming Scandinavian on her INSTAGRAM for a daily rainfall of inspiration...