What do get if you combine an Icelandic/Danish artisan with a Danish graphic designer/artist? Yup, that's right: FINNSDOTTIR CERAMIC TALES

Thora Finnsdottir Søe and Anne Hoff are the identities behind the much loved designs of the name sake brand Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales. Together they compose modern, light and playful designs with a little twist. Gathering inspiration from objects used in everyday life - both old and new, their designs always manage to awaken something in me; a nostalgic feeling with associations and reminiscences of the the past. Which is indeed their intention as well: 

'We are inspired by everyday things in our lives. It's not functionality but the shape and feeling which give us inspiration to our designs. We love transforming an object into something new and different but still keeping some details which create a memory or a feeling. Our products are the meeting between past and future and the memories which all people carry with them'

Images courtesy of  Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales

Images courtesy of Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales

Despite me being the blazing minimalist that I am, I truly adore the way Finnsdottir explore shapes, texture and contrasting combinations, which results in curious objects with something I would describe as tempting tactility (if that makes sense..) It's kinda always sooo tempting to pick up, touch and delve into their designs, as if you are looking for a hidden detail of some sort.. Combine that with their playful, crisp idiom and you get objects that really captures and entices you.. How can you resist really?

Finnsdottir has long ago gained considerable recognition for their reinterpreted ceramic designs and you will find them available both in-store and online world wide, so if you're curious have a peek here for a full list of dealers.