Every woman out there has her own vision of a dream wardrobe, mine is: The perfect mix & match of timeless pieces, mute colours, clean cuts and long lasting good quality, that goes with everything at any time. During those godforsaken mornings when 'Mr clothing-crisis' walks in even before you're half way out of hibernation, my vision becomes even more vivid and I stand there in front of my existing piles of threads dreaming of a wardrobe so complete I could close my eyes and perform a random selection that would end up in a fab combo every single day.. Achievable? Yes, very much so. That is, if only my wardrobe was a Fall Winter Spring Summer showroom..

If not already familiar with FWSS, I will let you in on the story behind this highly successful Norwegian fashion brand. Nina Granerød & Frode Grønvold (again.. just get used to not being able to fully pronounce the Scandi-names that is flourishing this blog..) are the duo behind this Oslo-based, highly sought after women's line of clothing.

Not only are they partners in business but also in life, which makes this duo even more unique. Nina, a 'top-of-her-class' graduate from the prestigious Central St Martins College of Art & Design in London, started her career in fashion working for Vogue in New York and Costume National in Milan, which easily earned her entry into the fashion industry in Norway. Frode, her husband, has several years of experience working in the Norwegian fashion market as well, so starting up a little something-something of their own was always the intention and in 2012 (yes 2012, only 2 years ago!) they hit the market and it wasn't only a 'little something-something', it was big!

Even before launching they had 55 retailers through-out Scandinavia and sales sky-rocketed as their official launch took place autumn 2012. From there they have expanded at the speed of light and are currently being inundated in requests from retailers all over the world.

The intention behind FWSS was to create contemporary fashion for the modern woman; everyday pieces of high quality and timeless tailoring with accessible prices. And the result? A sophisticated, no-fuss Scandinavian aesthetic that fuses elegant femininity with a masculine touch:

Images courtesy of  Fall Winter Spring Summer

Images courtesy of Fall Winter Spring Summer

For me, this is as chic as chic can be and their Winter Collection pieces, as you can see neatly stacked above, is already hunting my wish list.. So for you fellow fashionistas out there, head over to Fall Winter Spring Summer to view their complete collection.

And until next time, sweet FWSS-dreams..