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You know when you come across something so paired down and minimal, that it is as close to perfection as can be? I’m a big believer in minimalism and the timelessness and diversity that comes with it, so when I came across DESIGN OF a couple years ago on Instagram, it was all thumbs up from my side.

Not really finding the perfect minimalist furniture she was looking for, founder & designer Johanna Haglund decided to start designing her own. With a high degree of sustainability in mind, Johanna found a factory in the middle of the forests of Småland, Sweden (which sounds a bit like a fairytale) where she now manufactures all her designs - Designs that will last for generations.

Combining a stark and precise minimalism with a high degree of functionality, the tailor-made, solid steel furniture can be introduced into any environment, either by blending in amongst an overall minimalist interior or standing out as an interesting contrast to something more maximalistic or periodic. All the designs have a multitude of functions and would compliment any room from your kitchen to your bathroom, as well as having the option of outdoor use.

Offered in a range of neutral colours, the different pieces are also easily combined, so they can just as well led itself to a modular system where you can create something custom of your own. With such an array of options as well as the clean design, no wonder I was head over heels when I was asked to be one of their ambassadors abroad. So expect to see some minimal inspiration on Instagram in the time coming. But in the meantime feast your eyes on the dribble-worthy minimal inspiration below:

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Design Of - Spring 2019.jpg

"I design timeless furniture in solid material, with precision which will last for generations"

- Johanna Haglund, Founder & Designer-

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Photos courtesy of Design Of

For more information about Design Of go to:

www.designof.se | www.instagram.com/designof_