Forged Emotions // Marcus Mars Blacksmith

Expressing our emotions isn't always that easy. We live high-paced lives, in a world that in many ways doesn't make much sense at times. We are influenced by everything from social media to fake news and airbrushed ads, and we seem to be somewhat more disconnected with our emotions than ever before.. 

However, in the midst of this mild chaos we call modern living, I'd like to shed some light on a man who not only seem to be in touch with his emotions, but also manage to capture them, in let's say, a more or less eternal state. Meet Marcus Mars, a blacksmith turned artist.


Growing up in rural surroundings in Northern Sweden allowed him to explore and create from a very young age. Initially starting off as a woodworker, Marcus eventually found that his passion wasn't really wood, but iron and the ancient art of forging. And so his journey, exploring one of the most sturdy materials there is, started. 


Marcus speaks a universal language with his artwork. The absence of details and facial expressions is part of his trademark and requires his sculptures to be even more fine turned in their postures. Despite the absolute minimalism, he manages to express emotions that seem to be recognised across borders and cultures, which makes his art even more powerful. 


There is something so utterly honest and beautiful about Marcus's artwork. Using the ancient and challenging method of forging to express intricate human emotions, is indeed a true form of art. Not only in the craftsmanship he carries out, but also in the way he's able to communicate and translate his own feelings and inspiration. The result? Unique, one of a kind art forged by a man who's not afraid of expressing his emotions. One could say, modern art by a modern man..


You can find Marcus at work in his new studio/forge at Union Brygge in Drammen, Norway.


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Photography by Knut Bry