The New Bedroom Benchmark // Abate

Our bedroom - The previously more or less neglected room in our homes, has suddenly become one of the most Instagrammed spaces there is..

Almost as a reaction to the increasingly hectic lifestyle we seem to be stuck into this day and age, our bedrooms have never been more in the spotlight. With increased focus on the importance of a good night's sleep, the world of design and innovation seems to have sharpened its focus on the comfort and quality of our sleepy surroundings. Two people who have found their niche in this market, is Kristian and Leo, founders of Oslo-based bedding company ABATE. 


The idea of a sustainable, high quality bedlinen brand sprung to life after working as pilots for several years. Travelling across the world and sleeping in numerous hotels, made Kristian and Leo realise that there was a gap in the market, in between the mass-produced and over-priced brands, there wasn't really anything that didn't compromise on the quality at a fair price point. So their journey started, trawling the field of the textile industry, in search for high quality, sustainable materials and production methods. And not surprisingly, they landed on a specific Egyptian cotton, called Giza-cotton.

Know as the best quality cotton in the world, due to the perfect weather conditions around the Nile, allowing the plants to grow slowly and over a prolonged growth season, which results in longer fibres than usual and ensures a much smoother texture when being spun. The cotton threads are then woven in a satin weave ensuring the softest yet durable fabric. So, there is obviously no compromise of quality form these guys.. 


With the aim to offer customers a long-lasting product, produced in the most ethical way, Kristian & Leo decided to stay within Europe when it came to production facilities and landed on a beautiful family-run factory in Portugal. Here they can not only ensure the quality of their products, but also be reassured that conditions for the factory workers, as well as the impact on the environment, is highly ethical.


The two humble Scandinavians have truly chosen to go down the route of beautiful business creation. By taking responsibility for the environment and choosing the 'right way' rather than the 'fast and cheap' way of producing their products. Leaving them with lower margins, but with a clear conscience for supporting a sustainable future and contributing to change the consumer industry for the better. We absolutely love them for that and wish them great success!


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