Tick tock... There's a new watch in town! And just as we have finally adjusted to summer time, so what better timing? 

As an introduction to a new series of articles here on the Scandinavialist that will focus on Scandinavians making an impact abroad, I'd like to introduce you to some Swedes who chose to emigrate out of the Scandi-zone and establish themselves in a completely different part of the world - meet Alexis Holm and David Ericsson and their Hong Kong based accessories brand Squarestreet.

Founded in 2010, Squarestreet has become a bit of a cult brand and Alexis and David can indeed take much of the credit for introducing Scandinavian fashion and lifestyle to its Hong Kong audience. Both being entrepreneurs of their separate brands at that point, they soon found that they shared the same visual aesthetics and design philosophy, whereupon the idea of a new brand emerged - their Minuteman Watch Collection.

What makes Minuteman watches stand out is the fact that it not only comes in a classic two-handed model, but also as a more unusual one-handed version that indicates the time in 5 minute intervals: The face of the watch features 12 long tick marks denoting hours, shorter marks denoting 15 minute segments and then the shortest marks denoting 5 minute segments. All with the intention to encourage a more relaxed approach to telling time, which proved to be a show-stopping success, with the one-hand version being twice as successful than it's more traditional two-handed brother. 

Another extraordinary feature is the Italian Mazzuchelli acetate that forms the simplistic outer casing and allows for a wide range of deep colours and textures. The straps are again very clean-lined and comes in both leather and NATO nylon which can be customised to your preference, combining any case with any strap. Being a monochromer and all though, my favourite is of course the all black one.. shocker! 

As a timeless piece of simplistic and durable design, the Minuteman watches is proof that style and quality isn't necessarily synonymous with emptying out your wallet, and have made its way to many a watch enthusiasts across the globe already. So I'd say Alexis and David rather nailed it with their 5 minute intervals! We're looking forward to an expanding Scandinavian collection at Squarestreet.

For the full collection and further info about Squarestreet go to: 

www.squarestreet.se |  www.instagram.com/squarestreet  | www.facebook.com/squarestreet

Images courtesy of Squarestreet