Client: Globe Studios

Location: Spitalfields, London

Architecture by: Christina Forsberg

Interiors by: Mariell Lind Hansen


Scandinavialist, in collaboration with the co-founder Mariell Lind Hansen, have created the latest creative hub in London, a multifunctional space housed in a three story brutalist building in Spitalfields. BENK+BO, meaning “Workbench" and "A Place to live" in Norwegian, is about connecting creatives and facilitating collaborations - with the ambition to create a new type of creative hangout in East London, emphasised by an intimate and cosy atmosphere that underlines a sense of home & belonging - A home away from home. 

The three-story concept includes an in-house bakery, cafe, yoga studio, shared workspaces and members areas, meeting room and facilities for events and shoots. The design is heavily influenced by our Scandinavian roots, with minimal and raw aesthetics highlighting the brutalist architecture, whilst a curated collection of Scandinavian mid-century furniture softens up the space and creates that relaxed homey vibe.