The Black Valchromat Kitchen by Nordiska Kök

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The kitchen - A space that through history, has taken its aesthetics more from a pure functional perspective, has slowly merged into something that is, still very much functional, yet paired down and completely stripped of unnecessary details. I guess one could compare it to the ugly duckling that transformed into a beautiful swan in many ways - And in this particular case, a black swan.. Let me introduce you to one of the purveyors of Scandinavian kitchen design - Swedish Nordiska Kök.

Like in many other cultures, the kitchen is very much the heart in the typical Scandinavian home. We take big pride in our homes, as we always invite friends and family home rather than going out. This means that we are meticulous at curating our homes, both to suit our personality and taste, but also to impress guests and create that welcoming and warm atmosphere. And what could be more impressive than a custom made kitchen fitted perfectly into you home?

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This time, Nordiska Kök have worked together with Swedish artist Emma Bernhard, in order to create the perfect kitchen for the artist’s beautiful veneer clad residence and the result is breathtaking - An ultra minimal black on black concoction of valchromat cabinets and granite worktop, completely stripped of details, make up the three separated kitchen sections; A counter unit with sink overlooking the garden, a practical floor to ceiling unit (hiding all the kitchen clutter I suppose..) and a central island with cooking facilities. Altogether these minimal sections creates a sculptural and spacious feeling in the kitchen that contrasts beautifully with the warm tones of timber and the smooth concrete floors.

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A detail I am rather fond of - rather than continuing the worktop all the way into the corner, they have cleverly inserted a custom built bench clad in the same veneer as the walls. Be it for sitting or just for displaying some of your favourite bits and bobs, I think it is ever so clever and really offers a unique touch to the kitchen. I can so picture myself here, with my cup of slow brew and a good book.

Just true kitchen magic for the purist minimalist!

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Photography courtesy of Nordiska Kök