Projects We Love // Copenhagen Apartment by Dubrowska Studio


Muted tones of grey, a natural material palette and carefully curated pieces of furniture makes up this minimal and ascetic apartment situated in Copenhagen. 

The project, by talented Ukraine-based Dubrovska Studio, has suitably been named 'Sense'. And a sensory experience it is indeed - Polished plaster walls through out acts as a neutral and calm backdrop to the otherwise minimal palette of timber, brass, terrazzo and natural linen fabrics, whilst a pair of burnt orange velvet chairs acts as a colour pop contrast to the otherwise silenced and harmonious space.

A single partition separates the bathroom from the bedroom in the otherwise open plan layout and allows natural light to flood the entire space, whilst semi-transparent, perforated brass shutters casts soft shadows against the tactile matt plaster walls and rough timber flooring. 

Have a browse through the dribble worthy scenes below, we are in total awe..


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Photography courtesy of Dubrovska Studio