The Bumbag's back! And blimey, I never thought I'd say this about the one component of the 80's wardrobe I definitely had on my 'no-no-never-again-list'.. But I absolutely love it! That is.. the reincarnated CHRISTINA FISCHER version though; a clean-lined, minimalistic piece of handicraft. Can it get any better? Uuum, yes.. it's sustainable as well!

Meet CHRISTINA FISCHER, a Dane, a graphic designer (and my name sister) that shares my infinite love for the minimal, simple and sustainable. With an 'aim to create a new way of artisanal craftsmanship with the ultimate goal of a sustainable and responsible fashion industry', Christina has embarked upon a quest to create eco-friendly fashion for conscious minded people. Armed with recycled leather sourced from charity shops all around Europe, she has re-designed a piece of fashion history and given it new life through old materials, whilst at the same time contributing to the reduction of waste.

I first discovered Christina Fischer on Instagram as I was having one of my 'late-night-inspiration-browses' a few months back and my pupils must have widened to the size of beach balls as my eyes suddenly swiped up and down an image of a supple, black leather bag crafted with the most minimal of detailing. An instant double-tap lead on to a few months of close following and a whole bunch of double-tapping, until the launch of her namesake brand in mid February was a fact. 

I am therefore very excited to be able to present such a talented and persistent up-and-coming Scandinavian designer, that not only have a profound attention to details but also an eager will to improve the ever-increasing impact the consumer-society has on our environment. She's picked a fight against fast fashion, one she is set out to win. Her strength lies in the recycling of materials, her timeless design, high-quality craftsmanship and her passion for slow fashion.

Christina is hands on in all parts of the process, from the very first sketch to the finished product. And the result? A perfected accessory which in my view has evolved beyond the so-called bumbag and into a new typology of crossover bags. It's black, it's minimal, it's versatile and as chic as chic can be:

If you are as jaw-droppingly amazed as I am you will find all of Christina Fischer's designs below:  |

Photography: Johan Stjernéus | 

A big thank you to Christina for her beautifully handcrafted work of art and inspirational ethos, we will be watching you!