Who said only Scandinavians could make Scandinavian Design? And what on earth is a 'Lysestage'? This is the story about an Englishman going all Scandinavian. 

Nicholas Oldroyd, definitely not anything scandi-sounding by that name, but his design on the other hand... ticks all the boxes. Initially trained as an architect, after spending a few hectic years behind a desk here in London, he found his way across the North Sea to Denmark.

Nordic culture soon taught him one of the most valued aspects of life up north, the Danish term 'hygge', which he describes as: 'Hygge to me is to create a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoy the good things in life with good people around you'. Inspired by this much cultivated scandi-term, using a single piece of wire, bending it 7 times and completing it with a pointed tip, Nicholas had created 'Lysestage no.1', and it was a complete success! 

For my audience who are not Scandi-lingual, a 'lysestage' is a candleholder, as you might have discovered already.. And as crucial as candles are for Nordic countries, this one took Denmark with storm!  

The simplistic, honest approach is the perfect execution of Scandinavian Design and has lead Nicholas Oldroyd onto becoming one of the most anticipated designers of 2014 in Denmark. Focusing on quality, materials, exceptional handcraft and the simple aesthetic that is the nitty-gritty of Scandi-design, he is very likely to whip up some more striking stuff in the time coming..

Until then, 'Lysestage no.1' is available in steel/blackened steel, copper & brass and even comes in the neatest little custom designed package and with a very neat price as well..

For more information visit Nicholas Oldroyd Design's stunning minimalistic webpage, where you will also be tempted to purchase one of these very-suitable-for-cold-autumn-evenings-and-your-cuppa 'lysestager'. 

Enjoy and I'll be back in a jiffy with more Scandi-coolness :)