I must confess.. I'm not only a minimalist, but a monochromer as well.. My wardrobe, my flat, and now my blog, is indeed Black & White. It has come to a point where it's starting to get rather silly. People are talking.. They say I have a case of 'Monoddiction'.. BUT, I've found a cure!

Ok, so maybe it's more of a compromise..! It's still not screaming neon's, but what the heck, at least it's a step up and it sure is gorgeous. The Scandinavian I am spreading the word about today is none other than Cathrine Hammel, the designer behind the label with the same name and the sartorial magician of 'Contemporary Basics'.

Finding inspiration in early 20th century architecture and art, being the grand daughter of a Bauhaus schooled Architect (no wonder I am head over heals here..) her design ooze of timeless, slick elegance with an edge to it. It's a bit French, which is nevaahh a bad thing, and she manages to balance the proportion of masculine/feminin in each and every piece.

The spine in all CH collections is the knits, oooh the knits(!) and in this years AW collection they are presented as ribbed merino wool with a soft, yet graphic silhouette. So yaaay brisky Autumn come my way(!!) and feast your eyes upon more sumptuous Scandinavian Fashion here:

For the full AW14 Collection and list of retailers see Cathrine Hammel's home page.